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When you make the decision to start an Amazon business and begin selling online, you come to find there will be many tools and supplies you will need. It can bexciting and overwhelming at the same time. You wonder, "what do I NEED," "what can I afford," "will this even work," and even, "Oh that looks fun!" As many of you may know, I began my Amazon business with $0. That's right, zero - nilch - nada. I was selling items I had around the house and I ALWAYS reinvested what I made right back into my business.

To make a long story short, I now have built my own "empire" with over $1,000,000 in gross sales, a team of full time employess, a personal coaching business for selling on Amazon, a book, and a 1,200 square foot warehouse that we base the business out of.

Now, I point all of this out because I KNOW what it is like to build a business from scratch, not have the capital on hand to constantly invest, and especially what it is like to be overwhelmed when it comes to "next steps." One of the most crucial values I try to pass on to those I coach is the importance of reinvesting your profits back into your business. To this day, I, as well as many other successful sellers I know closely, CONSISTENTLY reinvest the money we make back into our business.

The tools and products you invest in coincide with this, as well, as many of the products you purchase will help to streamline your business processes and reallocate your time to the more essential aspects of your business. However, if you are SERIOUS about your Amazon business, investing in your business and in the tools that help to streamline your processes, shoud be VERY HIGH on your goals and priority lists.

I have composed a list of tools that I, personally, have tested, use, and feel are essential for a successful Amazon business. I have an employee who tests and educates himself on what products and tools are out there, and we do all necessary research ourselves. The tools I am recommending below I use, my team uses, and many of the clients I coach use as well. Now, understand that EACH indvidual is different. What works for me, in the end, may not work for you. What fits my business and financial goals, may not fit yours. I get that and hope you do as well. Now, some of the tools I list will make your packaging processes excessively simpler, some will be a necessity or required when selling certain types of items - Whatever their function, I have listed them, because, in the end, they will provide you with a better - more efficient business process, and save you the time normally spent on tedious portions of your business, so that you can designate that time to the more important aspects of your business (The ones that make you money - i.e. sourcing).

Overall Business Management - Scanners, Sourcing, Repricing, Account Add-Ons, and More


The first and ONLY all-in-one solution for FBA sellers. - Source. List. Sell. Better.

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The newest tool to help you increase productivity, speed, and ROI for OA

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Supercharge your online arbitrage & know where to source

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Data Extraction Tools for Sourcing


Turn searches into scouting reports. It's like having xray vision for OA!

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Tactical Arbitrage

Your partner in online arbitrage. Sourcing has never been so easy!

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Repricing Tools


Leading Repricer, Feedback Rating & Review Management Solution

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Price Trackers


Keepa is a modern Amazon price tracker. Elegant, efficient and easy to use.

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Camel Camel Camel

Monitors millions of products and alerts you when prices drop.

Keyword Data Tools


See what online shoppers are searching for quick and easy!

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Google AdWords

Attract more customers, get ideas, and see what words trends are being used

Taxes - Tools and Services


Painless sales tax reporting & filing for online retailers

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Feedback Repair

Feedback Repair

Protect, Grow, Fix! Health Assessment, & Metrics Diagnostics.

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Prep & Packaging Supplies AND Service Providers

bubble FAST

Wholesale shipping supplies to the public at affordable prices.

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Prime Zero Prep

Wholesale shipping supplies to the public at affordable prices.

Ungating Services

T & R Ungating

Stop wasting time, get ungated by pros with 100% track record.

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Gift Card and Cashback Sites

Coupon Cactus

Online coupons and cashback shopping here at Coupon Cactus!


The #1 site for cashback and coupons. Exclusive offers and free!


Price comparison and cash back shopping site for outdoor gear and apparel.


Find coupons and earn cash back at over 2000 stores when you shop at Ebates!


Fast and easy! We send you a rebate check when you shop online


Up to 30% cash back at more than 2500 stores. $5 credit with the link below!


Up to 30% cashback! Get a $5 credit by signing up at the link below.

Giving Assistant

Save money, get cash back, & we donate to a family! $5 credit with link below!

Hoopla Doopla

Fast and easy! We send you a rebate check when you shop online