OAXray Training

Using Oaxray to Source for Profitable Products

By the time you are finished with this section, sourcing with Oaxray will be a breeze. You will be able to QUICKLY find profitable products using YOUR standards on the top online stores.

  • Using Oaxray to Source on Walmart.com
  • In this lesson we are going to walk you through sourcing on walmart.com via the Oaxray extension. We will dive into the exciting options that you have to narrow your searches, how to find qualified items once you extended them into oaxray, and then how to compare photos, change quantities, confirm weights, and find the best items in your oaxray sheet. As we find profitable products with you in this chapter, we will also show you how to go about adding them into your teams' spreadsheets as you continue to source. This will create a seamless, quick and smooth way to search, source, confirm, and enter your items.
  • Using Oaxray to Source at Target.com
  • In this lesson we take sourcing to the next major retailer, Target! Here we take a look at sourcing items in the grocery category in target. Step by step we walk you through narrowing your search requirements on the Target.com site before importing them into Oaxray, as well as, provide some tips as to successful items we ourselves have found. Finally, we will show you how our team narrows down and selects the items they find in the Oaxray and inputs that data into a spreadsheet to easily organize all found deals.
  • Sourcing on ThinkGeek.com
  • In this lesson we are going to take a look at Oaxray's NEWEST supported site, ThinkGeek. Adding new sites is always exciting as it opens your door to new sourcing sites and a whole lot of new items to make money off of! As in our other videos, we will show you how to utilize discounts when sourcing on Thinkgeek and then walk you through exactly how our team sources through this new website!
  • Using Oaxray to Source at RiteAid
  • In this lesson we take you through utilizing the Oaxray extension for sourcing online at RiteAid. As in previous sourcing examples, we guide you on how to narrow your results, refine your searches, and find profitable items.
  • Sourcing at BJ's with the Oaxray Extension
  • In this lesson we will walk you through using the Oaxray extension to source at BJ's. BJ's can have a lot of great finds and we show you how to look for them!
  • Sourcing on HomeDepot.com using Oaxray Part 1
  • In this lesson we source you through HomeDepot.com - who's online catalog contains over 4,ooo,ooo items! This website opens up another door for your team to source on. Here we will walk you through sourcing on this site and also provide you with some insider tips as to the categories which tend to have successful items, as well as, some items you cannot source for when you source through this site.
  • Sourcing on HomeDepot.com using Oaxray Part 2
  • Using Oaxray to Source at The Lego Store Online
  • In this lesson we take you through shop.lego.com, which Oaxray added in September. This can be a GREAT site to source at and you can find a lot of profitable items.
  • Using Oaxray to Source at BestBuy.com
  • In this lesson we take a brief look at sourcing on BestBuy.com. We show you how to use the weekly ad to find ideas for items to source, as well as, items and categories to stay away from. BestBuy.com has a few different options when it comes to narrowing your searches and the amount of items you can source from a page at one time and we will point this out and show you how to source video games in this video.