Keepa Training

Welcome to the Shawn Mayo Mastermind Keepa Training.  Keepa is a modern Amazon Price Tracker that I have implemented into my own business strategies and processes, as well as, passed along to the successful growth of my coaching clients and their businesses.

With Keepa you will understand the sales history of an item, how to incorporate that knowledge into your buying strategies, and in turn - this allows you to make the best, most educated buying decision for your business.

Please let us know if you require training in any particular topic.

Navigating Keepa Settings

Walkthrough & Sourcing Tactics

Walkthrough of Keepa Drops

Using Keepa Price Drop to Source

Here is an In-Depth Overview of a Product Page

Top 2 Reasons to Buy High Rank Items to Resell for FBA

Checking Amazon Sales Velocity With Keepa in 1 Minute!

Research Products to Sell Using ScanPower Scout & Keepa

Use Keepa Sales Rank Tracking to take your FBA to the next level!