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From beginners to experienced sellers, we not only help your business start, but grow and expand all while streamlining your processes! From business and technical basics to mastering the "World of Amazon" you will learn it all.

  • We know you have plenty of options when it comes to learning how to sell on Amazon. Unfortunately, that is all that they do, “teach you how to sell on Amazon.”
  • We know this, because we were there once - beginners looking for direction on where to begin and what to do. THAT is why Shawn Mayo began the Mastermind group.  He knew his coaching had to stand out from the rest and take guidance to the next level.
  • We are going to show you EVERYTHING that you need to do in order to generate the kind of profits that we do and quickly scale up your own lucrative business without going through all of the hassle and headaches that we did trying to conquer it on our own

This is your chance to get the guidance you need to get the results you've been waiting for! Build your business, make 6 figures, and change your life!

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I was fortunate enough to be an early mentee of Shawn's in one of his small mastermind groups. It has been worth every penny. He has forced me to think differently, work aggressively, work smarter, and broaden my horizons beyond the clearance shopping mentality I started with. I can literally walk into any store and see cash laying on the shelves to be picked up. Shawn's shoot from the hip style and honesty is refreshing and his servant mentality has been one of the main factors in my growth as an Amazon seller. Thanks Shawn! I'm proud to call you my mentor.

Christopher Grant
Christopher Grant Amazon Seller

Shawn Mayo is the real deal. I got started on his free Facebook group and there was a wealth of information. His Master Mind Group was the second best thing we did. It has allowed us to move on to the next level. Having the access to him and his staff has been a tremendous in our growth because of Shawn's commitment to providing quality information and assistance...

Darrin Morehouse
Darrin Morehouse Amazon Seller

Amazon ranks in the Top 10 biggest websites in the world, bringing in a whopping 250 MILLION visitors and hungry buyers each and every month.  The amount of sales and profits being made by AVERAGE people like yourself (even if you're a newbie) every single day on Amazon is simply staggering…

You don’t need to learn how to build a website and find customers to buy your products.  Amazon will take care of this for you and even collect the money for you and put it in your bank account! With Amazon FBA you can build your own online business earning you never ending profits!

Did you know that:

  • There are over 2 million third party sellers on Amazon generating about 50% of Amazon sales
  • Annually, more than a billion units are sold on Amazon by sellers and over 13 million on Cyber Monday alone
  • With FBA you store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers and they pick, pack, ship, and handle customer service FOR YOU!
  • Fulfillment centers are often located in major cities, near airports, & provide additional services for you

As you can see you can make HUGE profits selling on Amazon if you know what you're doing... And that's where our Mastermind Group comes in!

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Here Is A Preview Of What You Can Expect When You Join The Masterminds

Our goal is to teach you how to effectively sell on Amazon & streamline your business processes. We help you down to the business & technical basics, to sourcing and expanding your knowledge to grow your existing business.

You deserve more time for you passions and family. We provide you with the tools to save time & the knowledge to put these processes into place, so that you can do just that without the mistakes in between.

You Cannot Make Money Without Putting In The Work

But YOU CAN equip yourself with the tools and the knowledge needed to achieve your goals and build your dreams. We have been there and now financial stress is a thing of the past.

How much do you value your time? Take out the guesswork. Avoid the mistakes. And allow us to guide you to take the reins on your own and be the entrepreneur you know you can be. We have helped hundreds & we WANT to help you as well.

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY and the TIME IS NOW. We will be there every step of the way and we will cater your training to your specific needs. So what are you waiting for?

  • ONLY $100 a month. We believe this should be affordable for everyone. 
  • With our annual plan you can save over $200 a year at only $997 annually.
  • Each training course included in the membership alone is worth $150 each individually
  • LEARN what to do, save & value your time, & change your life
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