Craigslist / Couponing Walkthrough Shawn Mayo

Creating Craigslist email alerts with IFTTT

Craigslist / Couponing Webinar Part 1

Craigslist / Couponing Webinar Part 2

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At the end of this lesson you will be a pro in Upwork and on track to taking the next step to building your business! We take you through a step-by-step, in-depth look at Upwork itself - how to post a job, edit your requirements and preferences, search for freelancers, review candidates, and finally the steps you would take should you wish to make a candidate and offer and hire them. We won't show you how to set up an account in Upwork, but that should be easy for you to do on your own. What we WILL show you are the necessary steps you will need to take to navigate the Upwork site and begin your journey as a business owner WITH employees and the steps to take after you hire them (such as pay), and connecting with them via Facebook for efficient communication.

Navigating Upwork and hiring a Virtual Assistant Part 1

Navigating Upwork and hiring a Virtual Assistant Part 2

Sample Ads We Use In Our Business For Sourcing Couponers On Craigslist

Books Ad #1

Books Ad #2

Cosmetics Ad

Couponers Ad #1

Couponers Ad #2

Couponer Webinar With Shawn Mayo

Extreme Couponer Interview, How and why a couponer would buy from you, How to buy, What to buy and why you shouldn't be doing it yourself, What to pay a couponer


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