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  • I started with nothing. $0. I was selling items out of my house. I had my Online Arbitrage book by Chris Green and nothing else. Within just a few years I now have an Amazon empire of my own. I have my own two-story warehouse, a team of professional employees, over 10 virtual assistants, and my own published book.

  • BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME! IT'S ABOUT YOU! I just want to show you IT IS POSSIBLE. We want to help you and we have the resources and expertise to do so. One day you won't "need" us. You WILL do it on your own. But until then, we want to provide you with the highest level of education and coaching to build your business the way YOU WANT IT!

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I was fortunate enough to be an early mentee of Shawn's in one of his small mastermind groups. It has been worth every penny. He has forced me to think differently, work aggressively, work smarter, and broaden my horizons beyond the clearance shopping mentality I started with. I can literally walk into any store and see cash laying on the shelves to be picked up. Shawn's shoot from the hip style and honesty is refreshing and his servant mentality has been one of the main factors in my growth as an Amazon seller. Thanks Shawn! I'm proud to call you my mentor.

Christopher Grant
Amazon Seller


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FREE Weekly Product Sourcing Lists

One of the biggest challenges as an online reseller is finding profitable, replenishable items to build your business from - and boy do we understand that!

From nothing to millions we've mastered the process of finding great products to sell for a great profit AND WE WANT TO SHARE THAT KNOWLEDGE WITH YOU!

There is an infinite amount of items out there to source and our goal is to not only provide you with great deals each week, but to help teach you how to DO IT YOURSELF!

We have a team of sourcing experts who take the guesswork out for you and provide you with sourcing lists EACH WEEK!

Every sunday we add to the area and we are here to coach you to do the same thing!

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Shawn Mayo is the real deal. I got started on his free Facebook group and there was a wealth of information. His Master Mind Group was the second best thing we did. It has allowed us to move on to the next level. Having the access to him and his staff has been a tremendous in our growth because of Shawn's commitment to providing quality information and assistance...

Darrin Morehouse
Amazon Seller

With all of the tools offered out there to help streamline your processes, it is hard to choose which to pick! Deciding which works best for YOU, which fits within your budget, & which ones have proven success records can be a daunting task.

  • You have access to see all of the tools we use & suggest. Whether for printing FBA labels, prep & packaging tools, informative books/guides to read, or tools to keep around the office - we share it all with you!
  • We have used & tested TONS of software available for online sellers - Barcode scanners, repricers, price trackers, tax/accounting tools and more! Join & access all of the software we suggest to help you streamline your business processes!
  • Ready to pick a tool or software? Great! We have created step-by-step walkthrough videos showing you how to navigate and efficiently implement these tools into your business! What's better than taking out the guesswork for you and maximizing your time!?
  • We provide you with up to date reviews on all of the latest tools. The industry is ever-changing and evolving. We will always bring forward the latest tools out there, with honest and full reviews, so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

I was skeptical at first thinking there was no way it would be worth it but I was SO wrong. I have moved forward with FBA faster than I ever could have on my own. I have already gotten ungated in several categories which I would have paid hundreds if not thousands to have done, learned about great new apps that save both time and money, increased my margins and more importantly increased my profits!

Amy McLaughlin
Amazon Seller

AND you have access to all of our FREE training videos and downloads! Avoid mistakes, maximize your time, & build the successful business of your dreams!

Shawn mayo is a coach and expert in out of the box sourcing techniques specializing in the grocery category with over a million dollars in total Amazon FBA sales. Shawn makes use of Facebook, Craigslist, liquidation for sourcing products. He also focuses on building relationships with couponers to source product for him and has built a large network of people who work with him sourcing his items. Shawn supports the community through his 3500 member Facebook group, Private mastermind groups, coaching and YouTube training videos.